A Guide to Boiler Repair

As a firm with over twenty years of experience in attending emergency call outs for all types of boiler breakdowns, there isn’t much we haven’t witnessed at Brewins Plumbers. Below we’ll share some of that experience with you in how our boiler repair service works and the best way to avoid needing our services by keeping your boiler in good working condition.

Our first piece of advice is to act fast

If you notice any unusual behaviour from your boiler, you should contact a professional as soon as possible. If the pressure is dropping below one bar or above two, there’s water leaking from the boiler, or if it’s is beginning to make strange sounds you’ve never heard before, it’s a good sign that your boiler has got a problem. At Brewins Plumbers, we can assign an engineer to attend to your property as soon as possible to assess and diagnose the issue.

Fast and efficient boiler repair

A boiler comprises all manner of seals, valves, burners, heat exchangers, and so on that can deteriorate and break down at any moment. At Brewins, our qualified plumbing engineers carry numerous spare parts and can often carry out a fast and efficient boiler repair upon the first visit. If they can’t repair the boiler on a diagnosis of the issue, they will arrange a convenient time once the part is available.

And lastly

The best way to avoid a boiler repair is to schedule an annual boiler service with Brewins to ensure all the parts are checked and replaced where necessary to ensure your boiler remains in excellent working condition.